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Anodic coating improves the surface corrosion protection of aluminum under severe service conditions. This coating also serves as a base for paint. Anodic coatings provide better corrosion protection that chromate chemical conversion coatings.

Hard anodic coatings improve wear and abrasion resistance of aluminum alloys. Dyeing and/or sealing are not recommended unless corrosion resistance is not required. These steps reduce wear resistance of hard coat.

We are in full compliance with over 300 military, aero-space and private specifications. Below are some common specs. Please give us a call for information on other specifications.


Mil-A-8625: Type 2 (Sulfuric)
Class 1 - Undyed
Class 2 - Dyed

Mil-A-8625: Type 3 (Hard Sulfuric)
Class 1 - Undyed
Class 2 - Dyed

AMS 2471, S472
ASTM 2468, 2469


Clear, Turquoise, Green, Brown,
Red, Blue, Violet, Grey, Black
Not Shown: Gold, Olive Drab


Type 2, Dyed or Undyed = $65
Type 3, Dyed or Undyed = $80
Dichromate Seal = $50
Duplex Seal = $75


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